Mission Statement


At First Baptist Church, we are a community of faith in Jesus Christ who are seeking to understand our vital connections to God, to one another, and to the world around us.

Vision Statement:

  • We are seeking to understand our vital connection to God:
    • through an intimate personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the community of faith in Jesus Christ.
    • as we fulfill Christ’s call to love one another within the community of faith.
    • as we love our neighbor as ourselves in all the world around us and connect with God through God’s self-revelation in creation and stewardship of the created world.
    • through creative and respectful worship which is at the heart of our life. We sense that both seriousness and joyfulness can be ways of respecting God.
    • through a COMMITMENT to the BODY OF CHRIST. We choose to communicate that commitment to God and with each other within the body of Christ through our Church Covenant
  • We are seeking to nurture our connection to God through:
    • SPIRITUAL GROWTH through education and discipleship.
    • SERVICE, OUTREACH, and COMMUNICATING OUR FAITH to our community and the world.
    • FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY of all believers to understand their calling and exercise their ministry in an open community.


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